About Ram Anand

Ram Anand is a 27-year-old Malaysian-based author, journalist, writer and an ardent connoiseur of good films, good music, and generally anything related to art.

Ram’s writing habits started out of a desire to dabble in filmmaking (an ambition he still harbours), and later morphed into writing novels and later (when novels didn’t put food on the table)- journalism.

At the time of writing, Ram has been a journalist for six years across various Malaysian media companies- Malaysiakini.com, The Malay Mail, The Malaysian Insider, and The Malay Mail Online (MMO), to name a few.

He also self published his debut novel set in Malaysia, The Rainforest Unicorns, in 2011.

His Mumbai-based second book, Last Man Dreaming, was completed as a manuscript in 2015 and he is now seeking reputable regional publishers to publish the book.

He has also worked on a local documentary and music video before, and occassionally pursues the random filmmaking opportunity.