A prince’s tale- Episode 3

The prince was ill. His eyes were yellow, and almost his whole body had the same color. The King and The Queen were two very worried people. They did not like the fact that their only son, whose very birth kept them together, has fallen ill not very long after arriving full of life.

The King was angry at all the nomads who supposedly knew medications, men with herbs, and women with healing powers. And it all ended when a nomad came out from bed on which the little, tiny prince was treated, and told The King- ‘your highness, the prince shall not make it’.

The King crushed into pieces upon hearing the news. He could not take it, neither could The Queen. They did not console each other, they blamed each other, when they were told that the cause for the illness is the fact that the baby was never exposed to sun enough and was kept for too long in the comforts of the kitchen, and this has made it sick when The King finally felt it was safe enough to being the Prince to the palace balcony, and hold him aloft to the crowd of people who were cheering and having the first sight of their prince.

The Queen and The King were not happy with each other’s role in the events that led to The Prince to be bedridden now. And the worst part is, for all their might of forming this small kingdom, they were unable to do anything to rectify the situation.

The King and The Queen refused to speak to each other subsequently. The palace was silent, in gloom, almost as if it has already lost The Prince. The workers could not do anything as nobody spoke to each other, as if the overwhelming silence between The King and The Queen had made them fear that any conversation even among the workers- even a crinkle of laughter that is head within the palace can upset The King or The Queen. The situation was that fragile.

And then one day a nomad came and told the two of them that the situation is irreparable, and hence The King and The Queen should consider ending The Prince’s life so that they can move on and probably have a new Prince to carry their legacy. The King did not like it, but he bowed alas. They agreed to finish The Prince’s life while the small creature was still fast asleep with his yellow eyes.

The whole palace gathered around The Prince’s bedside, as the travelling nomad held in his palms the herbs that would strike the final bow and rest The Prince once and for all. Sounds of sobbing were heard, and the nomad, with his trembling hands, proceeded to feed The Prince with the herb. And suddenly The Prince opened his eyes. It startled the nomad so much that he fell backwards, puring the herb all over himself in shock.

He wasn’t expecting the Prince to open his eyes that quickly, or was he expecting him to wake up anytime soon. His job has just gotten tougher. The King looked at him with uncertainty. Killing his baby while his eyes are still wide open doesn’t seem like a healthy proposition.

The nomad came up again and looked at the Prince. And he stopped.

“His eyes…,” the nomad started.

Everyone looked at him intently.

“They are white,” the nomad said.

“So?” The King asked.

“It is a cause for celebration, my majesty,” the nomad proclaimed. A gleeful cheer broke in the room, and the prince, nestled on the small bed frame, clapped his hands with a toothless smile seeing such jubilation around him, though he never knew for what reason.

Little did everyone know that; that particular moment has just changed history. Cheating death was just the beginning of a habit; that you shall know later in this once upon a time tale.

The Prince lived thereafter, but the yellow disease had its side effects, as his growth was slightly affected. Despite his relative small size, The Prince wielded the sword and practiced and honed his art at a very young age. He believed in greater purpose. He asked ridiculous questions. And he was smart.

The King and The Queen opted against personal tutoring. He was sent to a guru who was teaching the children of peasants, palace workers, nomads, and natives. The Prince was just one among many. And even then, he was smart. He had a hunger to be the first, a hunger for knowledge. He outsmarted everyone else; as The King and The Queen consistently stressed that he come on top in his studies. And he did. He was the first, and mostly the smartest.

The other children struggled to match up to him, and he seemed to fulfill expectations with ease.

One day, as he saw the sun setting down, he turned around and asked The Queen.

“Why was I born?”

She only ever heard mischievous ‘how I was born’ before. But he asked a completely different question.  She starred at him, not knowing how to answer. The Prince knew, there and then, that the answer was outside the palace.

The journey beckons…

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