The Rainforest Unicorns- Leaf 11

Anand sat back quietly. His fingers rolled on the sofa, and he started pinching small pieces from the protruding cotton at the old sofa, he refused to look at both Sabhi, and Karthi who just walked in and put her bag on the couch. He blinked like a small kid.

“Why? You said something big happened?” Karthi asked Sabhi. Sabhi kept starring at Anand. “He’s out of his mind, I think,” Sabhi said. “Why, what he said?” Karthi asked.

Sabhi whispered into Karthi’s ears. “What the…,” Karthi was reeling in disbelief. “Do you know how ridiculous you sound?” she asked Anand. “I know,” he said, in a mellow voice. “But you are not going to drop the idea?” she asked. “Well, I don’t think I can help it,” he said. Karthi sighed. “Us being us, I think we will be hypocrite if we discourage him,” she added, looking at Sabhi.

“But he’s not gay,” Sabhi retorted, only to stop her argument halfway, realizing the point that Karthi was trying to make. “I have to go see her people,” Anand said. “You are talking as if you have an unwanted disease. You have to or you want to? Be clear,” Karthi said.

“I want to,” he finally explained.

“Go then,” Karthi said. “Since you are very interested in dating someone 11 years elder to you, go,” Karthi made sure she emphasized the point. Though she is shocked, there isn’t much she could do about it, and at the same time, she needed Anand to realize what he is getting into before he event starts. If the age factor will become a hindrance for Anand, he might as well not take any steps at all.

“You sure you don’t want to think it over?” Sabhi asked.

“How long will I think? I won’t find answers if I think, I’ll give it a shot,” he said.

“So, let’s go,” he continued.

“Go where?” Karthi asked.

“With me, where else,” he said.

“You go,” Karthi said sternly.

“Or take Sabhi,”

“Eh, hang on here, who is the one who actually knows Geetha better among us? Take Karthi,” Sabhi said.

Anand starred at both of them, and pointed a finger out, scanning between them, as if getting ready to randomly pick one of them. “Both of you are coming,” he said. “That’s final,” he added.

Karthi tried to raise an objection, but he interfered again. “Not a request, it’s an order,” he said, before scampering off to get ready. “I’ve never seen him this excited,” Sabhi said, blinking with her big round eyes, as if starring at something with disbelief. “11 years da, 11 years!” she added, as if murmuring to herself.

Karthi sighed and slapped her hand on her forehead. “Oh My God, what are we getting into?” she was murmuring to himself. Inside the room, Anand was looking at the mirror and murmuring to himself.

All three of them stood looking at the door of the firm. They were right outside of it, yet they were not entering yet. Anand was looking at the signage. Geetha and Associates.

“She owns the damn thing?” he asked, his mouth open with agape. “Didn’t I tell you?” Karthi asked. “That’s another reason why all of this sounds so ridiculous. You own a small computer shack,” she said, without suggesting anything. “Hey, hey, it’s a shop,” he retorted. “But compared to this and her Mercedes?” she asked back. “It’s a sports-car by the way,” she added. He blinked.

“Hello, she had 11 years head start. I just graduated last year,” he argued. “I’m starting to loathe the number 11, wherever I see that number I’ll be reminded of this,” Sabhi said all of a sudden. He starred at her. “So who’s going inside?” Anand asked.

“Oh God, we are not doing this time-wasting again,” Karthi sighed, grabbed Anand’s wrists and dragged him inside.

“Hi Karthi, you came in unannounced,” Geetha greeted them with her exuberant smile. Anand felt vulnerable being so close to her. “Who’s this?” she asked. “A friend,” Karthi said curtly. “You seem to be dragging him in here,” Geetha noted. “Oh, that’s nothing,” she said, letting go of his wrists. “I’ll explain to you inside, a short meet?” Karthi asked. “Sure, I can make time,” Geetha said, and both of them disappeared into Geetha’s office as Anand stood watching.

“Nervous eh?” Sabhi stalked from behind and patted him. “Too bad she didn’t have clients, you have to face it now,” she continued patting him. “Well, I think she has one client now,” he said, looking at Geetha and Karthi seemingly pondering over papers inside the office. “She’s talking about her case, isn’t she?” he asked.

“I think so,” Sabhi said.

“What a hype,” he said and sighed, disguised as disappointment, but deep down, its relief.

Karthi came out of the office sometime later, and smiled at them. “Well, the case seems to be going on well so far…,” she said, slightly hesitating. Geetha came out of the office, and walked in an opposite direction. Anand starred at Karthi. “This is what all the grabbing was about?” he asked, and all of a sudden he went speechless.

Geetha has just nudged Karthi aside, and hands on her hips, she stood starring at Sabhi and Anand. “I don’t want to be offensive, but not only you, but you friends are weirdos too,” she asked, and walked away, without an iota of emotional disturbance. No anger, nothing. Just a statement, and she was gone.

“You told her?” Sabhi asked. Karthi, still feeling shocked at being called ‘weirdo’ by her lawyer, nodded.

“I thought if anything, she’d sound me in the office, so it should be okay. But she did it here, in front of everyone, I guess this is not okay,” Karthi said.

“You are a sweetheart,” Anand smiled at Karthi.

“I guess we know something about her now,” Sabhi said.

“Yeah, she stings,” Anand was still smiling. Sabhi leaned forward and looked right into his face.

“Yeah, when she stings, you glow right, like this?” she asked sarcastically. He did not respond.

Shortly after, Geetha left the office in a hurry as they still stood there. “You told everything about me?” he asked Karthi.

“Yup, obviously that’s why you are weirdo now,” she said.

Anand did not expect a great reaction from her, so he wasn’t surprised. It seems weirdo isn’t that bad a start considering how impossible the whole thing sounds.

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