The Rainforest Unicorns- Leaf 5

“No, can’t be,” Yuva said once again, shaking his head as he sipped on his coffee. “Can’t be.”

“How many times will you repeat it?” Nisha asked, looking baffled at his constant insistence that Karthi is not gay even four hours after they have met her and discovered her sexual orientation through Geetha.
“Can’t be, I’m telling you.”

“Why so?”

“I know her,” he exclaimed.

“Of course you do, but she is lesbian now, apparently.”

“Can’t be.”

Nisha decided to remain silent. There is no point extending this argument even further. He probably isn’t as accepting to come to terms with the fact that his old collegemate is someone who prefers her own sex rather than the opposite sex. Well, homosexuality exists. What is his problem, she wondered.

“What is special about her that makes her a no-no for homosexuality? She had a boyfriend before?” she asked.

Yuva remained silent, still seemingly sunk in the same disbelief.

“Even if that was the case, it is not surprising, some girls won’t realize it until they reach a certain age, any person actually. They don’t realize until they have been in a few relationships with those from opposite sex,” she continued her explanation, hoping that even now he would snap out from his apparent shock.

“Homosexuals are gross. And my friend is one of them?” he finally said something else than his regular ‘can’t be’.

“Oh, you have a problem with the whole lot of them,” she said.

“Yes, I do. It’s a disease, a disorder,” he explained.

“Well..” Nisha has come to accept their existence to be part of the city life but Yuva seemingly has something against them. It will difficult to explain to him why he should accept, unless he realizes it himself.

“I have to help her,” he said.

“Help her to what?”

“To recover.”

Nisha sighed, and clasped her hands, resting her head against them. There was no point in trying to convince him anymore.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I am gonna do it,” he said.

Nisha though, did not find this suggestion too farfetched. If he has something against homosexuals, the only, and probably best way he can remove that grudge he has against them is if he gets to mix, and know one such person and to realize their stronghold to their feelings, and the struggle they have went through, as Nisha generally believes every homosexual would have gone through that tough period of announcing themselves to be different from the rest of the world and risk a plethora of insults and abuses.

“You have to get in touch with her again,” she said.

Geetha walked into the waiting room, and made slow strides. “Wow, you guys have stayed here for quite sometime,” she said. Nisha smiled at her. Geetha took something out from her handbag. She handed to Yuva a card.

“This is her number, as you asked brother,” she said.

Nisha looked at Yuva and the card, and rolled her eyeballs.

“Wow, somebody’s fast,” she said.

Karthi felt gloomy. She hates being left with nothing much to do to spend her day. It’s reaching noon and she is still here, pathetically sitting on her couch and watching television. She stood up and started walking around the house, doing whatever possible. That is when she noticed it. As she slowly bent her back to look through her window, she realized there is a car parked outside her house, right at her gate. She walked to the door, and started unlocking it. She heard the voice of someone calling her name. And she realized she has been hearing that voice for sometime now, but ignored it thinking it wouldn’t be at her house. Who would that be? She hardly has visitors. She is an outcast. She doesn’t even have a group of homosexual friends she could go out with. Just few perfectly normal people. She slid her grill door,and standing at her gate, knocking, would be Yuva.

“Hi,” she said, almost stunned beyond belief. “This is a surprise.”

“Indeed it is,” he said, knocking at the gate one more time to remind her that standing outside of her house is not seemingly ideal for him. “Oh sorry,” she said, striding across her porch under the blazing sun, and letting him enter.

“Nice car,” she said, noticing the obvious black Mercedes parked at her gate. “Oh,” he said, taking off his shoes, and helping himself quickly inside the house to finally escape the blazing heat. “It’s Geetha’s,” he said. “She ran it over a lamp post that day. I’m taking it for a repair,” he added.

“I guess that explains the bandages I saw that day then?” she asked.

“Absolutely, I realize you have not lost your smartness,” he said.

“Why are you patronizing me?” she asked, taking her seat on the sofa, as he followed suit, making sure he doesn’t make himself too comfortable at her home.

“Going anywhere today?” he asked.

“Just need to fix my computer,” she said.

“Fancy going out together then? Lunch at a shot?” he asked.

Karthi smiled. She couldn’t understand what might be the motive behind his sudden appearance at her doorstep, and moreover, the eagerness to bring her out.

“Any hidden agendas?” she asked. “You do know what my sexual orientation is?”

“Yeah, I know, precisely why I’m asking you out.”

Karthi smiled. She could not see a reason why she should go with him. But she can’t see a reason why she shouldn’t. And compared to continuously sitting in her house drowning in gloominess, this seems a better option.

She nodded. She didn’t know, at that moment, that one instinctive nod could bring about the best change she had in her life.

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