Eclipse, goodbye.

And so I leave her behind,

And I keep the love.

What do you say to love make it stay?

What do you say to protect yourself from goodbyes?

I carried the scars, 

Yet I had always said the goodbyes. 

Like the morning dew and mist, 

I watched by the garden, 

And wished love will be just as permanent,

And full of hope, optimism. 

But the dew goes, the mist goes, 

The morning passes, 

And love passes you by all the same, 

Did we do enough to hold on to it?

Did we do enough to capture that memory, 

Did we do enough to capture that feeling.

Why do we seek permanence in something so fleeting?

Why do we spend years to build walls, 

Only do have them destroyed at a moment’s notice?

The last time I said goodbye, 

I looked up to a solar eclipse, 

The moon disappearing for that brief moment. Like love.

I invested so much in love. For those moments. 

For that impermanence. 

Time and again. 

And at the end of this long goodbye, 

I was left exhausted, 

Exhausted of having invested a lifetime for several fleeting moments. 

But I’m not alone, 

There are many of us who do the same. 

Some have found success, 

Some of us become casualties along the way, 

But as the eclipse passed, 

I looked out to the dimly lit village road in the horizon, 

And the wind blowing in my face, as if trying to invisibly give a hug.

These goodbyes don’t happen in an evening, 

We suffer fiercely along the way before we let someone go, 

This goodbye started that night during the eclipse. 

It’s been hundreds of days, 

I had tried saying goodbye to love, 

With little success. 

There was no one with me at the eclipse, 

Yet I felt love, in that goodbye. 


You can’t say goodbye to love, 

Because you are made to invest in love. 

The goodbyes we say are for the people who are symbols of love, 

And so I leave her behind, 

And I keep the love. 

Be it dawn, dusk, or an eclipse, love is permanent. People are not. 

And I throw away these symbols, 

Sing on a high pitch, 

Before I say another farewell. 


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